BlogText 0.9.9 released

During the holidays I had some time so I worked on BlogText and squashed some bugs – so I got BlogText 0.9.9 released today. As a side note: BlogText is now hosted on GitHub at

BlogText 0.9.8 released

I’m happy to announce that BlogText 0.9.8 has just been released. This release contains mostly changes under the hood with one major exception: BlogText now runs on PHP 7. (It did not before because BlogText used a deprecated MySQL function that no longer exists in PHP 7.) Delays ∞ I’m really sorry that it took … Read more

BlogText 0.9.6

BlogText 0.9.6(.1) is here. It brings a lot of fixes and some changes. The most important change regarding backward-compatibility regards the automatically generated heading ids. From this release on they use dashes (-) instead of underscores (_). I hope this doesn’t cause too much trouble. Change since 0.9.5 ∞ Change: link anchors in TOC links … Read more

BlogText 0.9.5 released

I’ve just released BlogText 0.9.5. It’s primarily a bug fix release. It fixes some parser problems where BlogText wasn’t interpreted correctly. The biggest visible change is the removal of all file type icons. Additionally link icons are now based on an icon font and each link type icon can be enabled or disabled individually in … Read more

BlogText 0.9.4 released

BlogText 0.9.4 has just been released. It’s primarily a bug fix release but there are two things you should know about (see below). As usual, you can download the new version from (see Download & Installation), or use WordPress’ update mechanism. Syntax Changes ∞ This release introduces two syntax changes that were necessary to … Read more

BlogText and WordPress 3.4

Just a quick note: The current version of BlogText seems to be running fine with WordPress 3.4. If you still encounter problems, please let me know. Update: There is a problem with code blocks with highlighting but without line numbers. For those, WordPress seems to insert an additional line breaks for each line (making the … Read more

BlogText 0.9.3 released

I’m proud to announce the release of BlogText 0.9.3. This version now supports WordPress 3.3. Other than that there were some code improvements and links to headings on the same page now work in multi post view (i.e. the view you see when you open up your blog). As usual, you can download the new … Read more