BlogText 0.9.1 released

We’re proud to announce that we’ve released BlogText version Version 0.9.1 brings mainly bugfixes but also some new features and changes. The highlights are:

  • Feature: There’s now a button in the editor called “lang lookup”. This opens a new window where you can search the list of programming languages that are available for syntax highlighting in code blocks.
  • Change/Feature: Adding a custom anchor id to a heading now requires the hash sign to be separated from the heading text by at least one equal sign. For example, the line == My Heading #my_heading now must be specified as == My Heading == #my_heading. This now allows for a hash sign in the heading without needing to know the HTML entity for a hash sign. Headings like == C# Overview == are now much easier to type.
  • Feature: Absolute links (like [[/feed|my feed]]) can now be used.
  • Feature: Added backticks (`) for inline code snippets (as alternative to the ## syntax).
  • Feature: The quote characters (") around attributes for {{{ ... }}} code blocks are now optional. So you now can specify a code block like this: {{{ lang=java5 class TestClass { } }}}. (Note that there are now quotes around “java5”.
  • Feature: The programming language can now also be specified by using the language’s file extension. You can do this, for example, with {{{ lang=.adb package AdaPackage }}} instead of {{{ lang=ada package AdaPackage }}}.
  • Bugfix: Certain JPEG images (encoded with Progressive DCT) can now be used. Previously they were identified as malformed JPEG images.
  • If an alt text is specified for an image (in WordPress’ media browser), it’s now used as title as well (if no title has been specified separately). Previously the file name was chosen instead.
  • Bugfix: Plain text URLs should now always be recognized. Previously, they didn’t work in lists in some cases.

The full changelog can be found here (if WordPress decides to parse the readme file correctly).

As always, head to our download page to download your copy. Or use WordPress’ update manager.

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