BlogText 0.9.2 released

We’re proud to announce that BlogText version 0.9.2 has been released. This release officially supports WordPress 3.2.x. Other than that it contains bugfixes and improvements regarding code blocks.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Checked compatibility against WordPress 3.2
  • Fixed problem where the id of an attachment could not be determined in some cases. In these cases the attachment would not display correctly.
  • Fix image info: Now also recognizes Exif JPEG images
  • Fixed error when updating a page that doesn’t use BlogText
  • Added special (more natural) code block languages: C++, C++/Qt, C++/CLI, C#, Java (maps to java5)
  • Added two new GeSHi themes with more complete coloring; the bright one is now the default one
  • Added ability to highlight certain lines in code blocks
  • The language lookup window has been improved: it can now be closed by pressing Escape or Return, has scrollbars, displays the language’s full name, and displays the most popular languages at the top.
  • Updated GeSHI to the most recent SVN revision
  • Added some regression tests to avoid/reduce conversion errors when modifying BlogText’s sources. (only in developer version obtained from BitBucket)

As usual, head to our download page to download your copy. Or use WordPress’ update manager.

1 thought on “BlogText 0.9.2 released”

  1. I love your plugin! After years of refactoring HTML every time I tried upgrading my websites I love that I can just type simple markups and let them be converted into proper HTML later on.

    I’d like to report a bug though (I found the bug tracker but it requires me to register): the regex to capture plain URLs from the text accepts every protocol as it searches for a string. I have some plugins like the Youtube Lyte embedder which use a special URL to extract a link to a video and replace it with object code.

    Perhaps this can be added to your plugin? An option to convert all links (like it does by default) or a list of protocols. I’ve inserted something like: (http|https|ftp|sftp|ssh|ts3) for my site.


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