BlogText 0.9.5 released

I’ve just released BlogText 0.9.5. It’s primarily a bug fix release. It fixes some parser problems where BlogText wasn’t interpreted correctly. The biggest visible change is the removal of all file type icons. Additionally link icons are now based on an icon font and each link type icon can be enabled or disabled individually in BlogText’s settings.

Changes since 0.9.4

  • BlogText now works with PHP 5.4.0 (did not work due to an error in BlogText’s option API).
  • Removed all file type icons. Icons for links to external sites, attachments, and subsections in the same page remain. The icons have been replaced by a web-font though (making them scale with the font size). Additionally each icon type can now be disabled in BlogText’s settings (closes/fixes #13).
  • Fix: Emphasis (//) can now surround an external link (fixes #12)
  • BlogText no longer creates thumbnails when the original image would work just fine.
  • A double space in a heading no longer breaks the parser (fixes #10).
  • Fix/Change: If punctuation is written after a plain-text URL separated by one or more spaces, now the space will be removed only for certain punctuations. Especially, it won’t be removed anymore for opening brackets. To force BlogText to keep the spaces, simply use more than one.

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