BlogText 0.9.6

BlogText 0.9.6(.1) is here. It brings a lot of fixes and some changes.

The most important change regarding backward-compatibility regards the automatically generated heading ids. From this release on they use dashes (-) instead of underscores (_). I hope this doesn’t cause too much trouble.

Change since 0.9.5

  • Change: link anchors in TOC links in list view are now prepended with “post-” to meet the (arguably ancient) HTML 4 requirement for ids (must not start with a digit).
  • Change: Auto-generated anchor links now use dash (-) instead of underscores (_).
  • Change: The icon for broken internal links can now be enabled or disabled as well.
  • Change: Changed the style of how image captions are displayed. They no longer use a frame. Also added the CSS class “wp-post-image” to <img> elements.
  • Change: Changed the headings permalink icon from the paragraph to infinity.
  • Fix: Nested lists (e.g. ** in *) didn’t work when they were indented by a space.
  • Fix: Link icons are now displayed correctly even if BlogText’s default style sheet isn’t enable.
  • Fix: BlogText’s settings link is displayed again in the plugin list.
  • Fix: Linking from a section above a more tag to a heading below the more tag no longer results in a “not found” link.
  • Fix: Captions for images now display correctly when the blog’s theme has $content_width defined.
  • Fix: TOCs now display correctly again with WordPress 3.5’s default theme.
  • Fix: Highlighting code blocks now works for all built-in themes. Also the text coloring isn’t lost for the highlighted line.

1 thought on “BlogText 0.9.6”

  1. Hi, Sebastian.
    Thanks for your Blogtext plugin. It is all I need to write my website in wikipedia format in wordpress in a very easy way.

    I would like to know if your project has been suspended because there is no update of the plugin for a long time.

    Do you have news?

    I wish the plugin could be added to custom post types. Because I had to change the source code to add “add_meta_box” to a custom type.

    I also changed the code to disappear the text “doesn’t exist” for links of articles not yet created, so that it is possible to create the article (“new post”) when clicking the link.

    These features are fantastic, but I wish they were from the plugin’s own code.

    A big hug from the admirer of his work in Brazil.


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