BlogText 0.9.8 released

I’m happy to announce that BlogText 0.9.8 has just been released.

This release contains mostly changes under the hood with one major exception: BlogText now runs on PHP 7. (It did not before because BlogText used a deprecated MySQL function that no longer exists in PHP 7.)


I’m really sorry that it took so long for me to get this fix out through the door.

My main problem (other than finding the time to do it) was that I wanted a way to spin up BlogText test environments in an easy way. The current way of installing a web server, installing WordPress, doing symlinks between BlogText and WordPress, … felt very outdated and cumbersome.

During the holidays I finally found the time to create some proper test env scripts that should make it easier for me in the future to test BlogText against new (and old) WordPress and PHP versions.

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